Our added value

Domea intervenes in EPCC projects, for new or renovation works, by bringing the skills that its customers need. Domea, as an engineering company specialised in technical assistance, is able to respond to the challenges of its customers thanks to several strengths :

  • Experts with the skills and experience of these projects, able to face the technical challenges
  • Experts with a good capacity of adaptation, accustomed to work in project mode in a multicultural environment, and therefore quickly operational
  • The ability to mobilise the right skills at the right time, through our network of experts
  • The management of human resources and the logistics of our collaborators, during the project duration

Sectors of intervention


  • Waste-to-Energy plants
  • Water treatment stations
  • Treatment of industrial waste : fumes, effluents


  • Thermal power stations
  • Cogeneration
  • Renewable energies : Biomass, Methanation, Gasification
  • Geothermal


  • Chemistry / Petrochemistry
  • Food
  • Cement
  • Utilities


  • Engineering structure
  • Rail infrastructure