VINCI Environnement is involved in the engineering, design and turnkey construction of Watse-to-Energy plants. The company is in charge of the project for the future multi-sector waste treatment center in North Yorkshire County and the City of York.

As part of this project, Vinci Environnement trusted Domea to perform technical assistance in commissioning activities.

Our missions

Cold tests

  • Supervision of commissioning activities, all trades (burner tests, mechanical transport, fan tests, emergency group …)
  • Verification of regulatory and functional compliance of all fluids networks (water / steam / fuel) compared to the P&ID
  • Input / output test, analogical and digital
  • Commissioning of instrumentation, set-ups and verification
  • Electrical troubleshooting, motor testing, dimmer settings
  • Mechanical settings of the pumps
  • Inspection of capacity, lineage of water / steam / auxiliary circuits
  • Control and implementation of functional analyzes
  • Mechanical rinsing of the networks (boiler, piping)

Hot tests

  • Control and operation of the installation (Boiler pressure rise and pressurization of circuits, loading of waste, management of pollutants, etc.)
  • Steam blast
  • Participation of start and test of the turbine-generator unit
  • Customer Training
  • Enhance the reliability of the installation, until take-over
  • Participation in performance tests
  • 24-hour monitoring of the installation

Site specificities

  • Part of the waste will be recovered by methanation to create energy in the form of biogas
  • 320 000T of treated waste per year
  • 2 lines of 20T / hour of waste